Post-it note 8/22/21

I had hoped to grab a happier note from the pile but alas, the note on the top of the pile has the words ‘Discontent breeds.’

Truer words were never written.

Discontent in a department can breed; from tech to nurse to doctor.

And soon all that is available is a hulking mass of mad.

How to solve this morass of discontent?

How to solve the ‘evening shift does shit’ complaint?

Should I begin to complain?

Day shift outnumbers evenings 8:1.

That means there are 16 day people to every 1 evening person.

There is some bleed over, with shifts ending at 1900.

Every single evening person is a hard worker.

Some of our work is unknown, until it isn’t done.

They may not understand that each room can take 30 minutes to 1 hour to re-set the room for mornings.

Taking out unneeded instruments and equipment.

Changing the beds out.

Making sure that the suction tree is filled.

Making sure there is an adequate amount of prep tables, and OR tables in the room.

Making sure that the morning equipment needs are filled.

There are a hundred and one different tasks to re-set the rooms.

To ensure adequate supplies are available and sterile for the morning.

Sometimes the evening shift puts trays together to be sterilized.

I bet day shift does not know that.

So, please, do not start up the day shift versus evening shift conversations that go no where.

If you are an evening shift worker, thank you.

If you are a day shift worker, give the evenings a break.

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