Call is my hobby, should it be more?

Lots of strum und drang this past week.

I am still very, very angry.

I told the assistant nurse manager to stay off my blog this week as should would not like what she read.

The call shift that I told her I wanted, should I?

There are many question.

What about the committees I’m on? Would that be extra?

What about the conferences I want to go to?

What happens to my PTO?

How do vacations work?

Should I?

Would I be happier?

And school?

Will I still get tuition reimbursement?

Or clinical ladder?

To step away from committees, means stepping away from at least 19 points.

To say I enjoy my job is to downplay how much I love being an OR nurse.

Except for 1430-1700 lately, since they started that asinine new thingy.

And if I took a call shift only job how would that impact our bottom line?

What about my committees?

I have obligations.

To the hospital.

How would that be managed?

Folded into my salary?

One of my favorite nurses, the one who mentored me through this entire shared governance journey, stepped away to a different job a few months ago.

Maybe I should talk to her.

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