Post-it note 8/15/2021

I had my husband pick out the note from the box.

I thought I’d surprise him.

It is our anniversary after all.

I presented the box and asked him to pick one.

He looked down at the mass of post-its and gown cards and pulled one out.

I was hoping he’d get this one.

I’ve wanted to write about it for awhile.

The note says “the unsung heroes of the hospital are the supervisors”.

Absolutely, one hundred percent true.

And something that needs to be shouted from the roof.

Think about it:

  1. they are in charge of all the units of the hospital
  2. they have their hands in staffing
  3. they fetch and carry for all the departments who are in need
  4. their phone is continually going off from crisis to crisis
  5. they manage to maintain a professional demeanor in front of the chaos
  6. in what I am sure are long odds
  7. and cranky people! If someone asks to speak to a manager during off times the supervisor is the one that speaks to the family or the patient
  8. they have to know what the other hospitals are doing, who is on diversion, who is accepting patients

Some of my very favorite people at the hospital are nursing supervisors.

Most of them, anyway.

I was headhunted for supervision once.

I may have to rethink that.

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