Cookie Thursday 8/12/2021

Since I am on vacation there are no cookies or otherwise to be made in the kitchen.

This is the story of the real impetus behind Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

I was in the midst of remodeling my kitchen.

I was keeping my oven.

I love my oven.

But the rest was torn up and in the midst of our long, long, long rennovation.

Everything that could go wrong had.

The kitchen designers lost our number and paperwork that we were interested.

Two month delay.

The kitchen designers did not put in the correct order.

1 month delay.

One of the cabinets was not delivered with the rest.

1 month delay.

The countertop we ordered was out of stock because the cabinets took too long.

I was not going to settle for a different countertop.

6 week delay. I cooked in a half built kitchen on the remodeling sink I asked for and thank goodness we had that.

11 weeks the kitchen was completely torn up.

I had an island, and a stove, no counter tops, half a functional sink.

Finally, finally, they templated the countertops and installed them.

I was so fed up by this time I asked for, and got, the company to pay for installation of the backsplash.

This entire saga was from February of that year when we expressed interest to September when the cabinets went in to November when it was finally completed.

I was so happy.

I was talking in the lounge at work about all the things I would like to bake after the kitchen was finally completed.

All the bread, all the cookies.

And someone said they had never had a home baked cookie.

I was flabbergasted.

Never had a home baked cookie.

I proposed weekly home made cookies for the department.

To be called Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

There were lots of volunteers in January.

For two months.

All the other volunteers started dropping out.

In April I was the sole baker.

And Cookie Thursday is a Thing, which had been my baby.

Was mine alone.

This was six and a half years ago.

Now no one in the department can claim they’d never had homemade cookies.

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