Are you frightened yet?

I have been on vacation since last Friday.

I was supposed to be at AORN.

Which was cancelled/taken virtual on Friday.

I did the three days of virtual conference.

I had someone say that they saw my poster.

This made me happy.

I absolutely kept all the days I had off.

This will help alleviate pressure off my PTO balance.

When I took a week off in April I complained about how bored I was.

Nope, not going to whine about how bored I am now.

I am reading reports and watching the case and death count go up.

ICUs are full.

Hospitals are full.

Hospitals can’t get workers.

Do I feel guilty that I am on vacation, taking care of all that I did not do all of last year?


Do I still do the instrument tracking report daily for my manager?

Why not, it only takes me 5 minutes.

While I am there do I take a look at the hospital beds in the system that have covid patients in them?


I’m not even there and I can tell it is exploding in my area.

This does not bode well.

Do I go places without my mask?


I never stopped wearing a mask.

One thing I did stop giving a fuck about is saving starker news stories to my covid Pinterest page.

Because of course I have one of those.

And I hope people who are do not believe in covid or are unvaccinated for whatever reason are reading them.

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