I’m not sleeping, are you?

I have noticed a trend.

Up go the covid cases, down goes my sleep hours.

It is not necessarily all due to work hours.

It is more the dread of what tomorrow will bring.

For instance, take this week.

Monday, I had no meetings or pressing needs for the day.

I was up at 0622.

I asked myself why.

Yesterday I had to be up at 0645 to get myself together enough to join a zoom call at 0700.

I woke up at 0620.

Lay in bed and then silenced my alarm at 0637.

This morning was going to be a sleep in morning.

Up at 0621.

I asked myself why.

According to my sleep chart that I keep so that I can monitor how much I sleep, I went through some of the same behaviors in April of last year.

When the state was in quarantine.

I’m pretty sure it is related.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 0700 again.

Wonder how long my brain will let me sleep.

0630 would be a treat.

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