Post-it 8/1/2021-Stretcher napper

The note, jotted down on a gown card which I use to take notes sometimes instead of a post-it has two words on it.


Once as a scribble that I wrote.

Second printed, that I also wrote.

Probably interpreting the words.

An entire 2 x4 card, perforated at the top.

Lots of unused space.

I don’t know.

The two words, written twice are ‘stretcher napper’.

These can be taken 2 ways.

It could mean a person who is taking a nap on a stretcher.

It does not.

No one has time to sleep.

I did spend a very uncomfortable very snowy evening on a stretcher because I wasn’t allowed to go home because of being on call.

But I digress.

It does not mean a person who is sleeping on a stretcher.

They are not that comfortable.

I remember in this instance that it means that the stretcher is missing from outside the room.

The stretcher has been kidnapped and nothing left in its place.

Hopefully it didn’t go to the nearby room.

As their patient’s butt had not been on it.

But my patient’s butt had.


On a fun note, I was pleasantly surprised when I told the story to my husband.

He knew was a stretcher was.

Something my coworkers have no idea about.

The things we put patients on, with wheels?

That is a gurney.

A stretcher has no wheels.

It is meant to be a flat place that patients are carried on away from dangerous situations, such as a battlefield.

Or down a flight of stairs, such as evacuation because of a fire.

He was watching a war movie, don’t ask me which one, and he pointed to the screen where they were carrying wounded from the front line and said, “See, stretcher.”

Brought a tear to my eye.

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