As predicted, handwringing

Not too long ago I predicted handwringing and people saying they didn’t know covid was bad.

And they would have gotten the vaccine if they’d only known.

Um, where have you been for the last 18 months?

I am finding it difficult to even look these people in the eye.

And refraining from beating them about the head with a newspaper screaming, “See!”

And calling them unkind names.

At the top of my lungs.

But I don’t.

And now that the hospital has set a time limit for all employees to be vaccinated or file a religious exemption, there has been a stampede to the computers to fill out the exemption forms.

This unsettles me on two levels.

One that my coworkers are these kinds of people and have been merrily going about their way without masks because the CDC said they could.

No, the CDC said the vaccinated could, not the unvaccinated.

Secondly is the religious exemption.

What religion denies life saving vaccination?

In any where besides the faithful’s minds?

And these people profess to practice it.



I had scheduled this to be published on Saturday and then walked away.

And I read an article about the Delta variant and the insanity that is going on now.

The deaths.

The hospitalizations.

The can I get the vaccine now and will it cure me questions.

Is a self-inflected wound.

And I had to come back and edit my post.

Because this is the entirety of what vaccinated people feel.

This is entirely self-inflicted.

And the unvaccinated pulled the trigger.

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