In the midst of surge, comes hope

I track the covid vaccination status of all the surgical patients.

If they are inpatients, I schedule their tests if their case is at least 8 hours away.

If they are not vaccinated and not tested, I make note of that.

If they are not vaccinated and have a history of covid, I make a note of that.

If they are not vaccinated and positive right now, I make a note of that.

And prepare the room for a covid positive patient.

I make these notes on the board, on the case strip that belongs to that patient.

Right now we are using laminated circles with covid pending, covid positive, and not tested.

There are hearts for vaccinated: red hearts for completely vaccinated, as in 14 days since the last shot.

There are hearts for the half vaccinated: half red, half white hearts.

But tonight, for the very first time since vaccination started in mid December, every single, blessed patient was vaccinated.

All 19 of them.

I did not have enough red hearts to mark them all.

I’ve told the maker of the hearts that I need more.

Instead I wrote in the board, in large red letters, all patients have been vaccinated.

With tomorrow’s date.

And then I took a picture of it.

For posterity’s sake.

Just a little bit of hope among the surge.

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