Delta Surge- really, folks!

Delta, delta, delta.


The Delta surge is upon us.

A variant, such as Delta, is created when the virus is allowed to run amok.

This is the third named variant.

There is a fourth one out there already.

Delta is dangerous.

Delta is more transmissible.

You know what can slow or stop a virus from forming yet another variant?


The kind you get in your arm.

I do not care what “people” have told you about side effects.

And the efficacy of the vaccine.

I only care that you care enough about your neighbors to endure a smidgen of pain/side effects in order to get this crap under control.

Because I, as a health care worker, am tired.

I still wear my mask indoors at stores.

I got my second vaccine shot in January.

Early enough in January that I was fully vaccinated at the end of January.

My husband is going back to the office where only fully vaccinated people will be allowed in.

Any bets as to how long until someone gets a breakthrough infection?

Yes, the vaccine should lessen the severity of any of the known variants.

No, I probably won’t die.

But those who are foolish enough to deny the need for vaccination can and will.

I was called in tonight.

And, just like that, the case count for my hospital doubled over the weekend.

36 hours I was away.

Our ICU is 75% covid patients, all of them unvaccinated.

I am tired of this.

Aren’t you?

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