To do: learn poster craft

I got an email on the winners of the posters for the AORN conference.

I was not chosen as a winner.

I did not think I was going to be chosen.

I have stumbled onto poster making.

For the fall to do, I will learn how to make posters that are relatable and interesting.

I was told when I started making posters that I needed to have a hook in the title.

But all the winning posters did not have a hook.

All of their titles were dry.

And factual.

The difference was that my title was not dry, although it was factual.

I will be spending a lot of time in the poster gallery when I go the conference next month.

Learning what it is that is a winning formula.

It is something to strive for.

I still think that if I’d gotten the data earlier than the day the poster was due I could have crunched the numbers and proved that the changes that we made to the immediate use steam sterilization proved to be statistically significant or not.

Oh, well.

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