Cookie Thursday 07/22/2021

Cookie Thursday is a Thing for Thursday July 22 is a continuation of the Red, White, and Blue theme.

I created an oatmeal cookie dough base to which I added raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

To self, must learn to mix cookie dough with stand mixer.

This dough was thick.

At the last moment I added dark chocolate slab chips.

To give the cookies even more oomph.

I popped a cookie in my mouth prior to donning my mask to enter the hospital.

Not bad.

But next time I will add peanut butter.

And re-brand the cookie as a PB&J.

I am starting August No Heat Month early on 7/22.

One of the nurses in the department is due on August 13.

And she really wants to try the edible cookie dough week.

I handed her a stack of recipes and told her the week would be early.

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