Cookie Thursday July 1

It is Thursday.


And I worked in the middle of the night.


And it is the tech’s last evening shift.

So I made him his favorite cookie.

The Jalapeno chocolate chip.

I figure half of the batch to him and the rest to the followers of the chocolate jalapeno cookie.

For everyone else welcome to July!

The theme for July is Red, White, and Blue.

Whatever I choose that to be.

Could be a surprise.

Today the cookie is maraschino cherry chocolate chip.

I haven’t made this one in at least a year.

Maybe two.

But the funniest part of my baking today is the fact I laid out all of my ingredients.

Because I know I am sleep deprived.

Due to a text I got at 0820 from day shift charge.

14 minutes before my alarm was set to go off!

I could have used that 14 minutes!

Ahem, so I am sleep deprived.

And I had laid out all the ingredients.

Including a new bag of chocolate chips.

As I am sliding the 1st cookie sheet out of the oven I spy the unopened bag of chocolate chips.

<face palm

The first two cookie batches do not have chocolate chips in them.

It’s an experiment?

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