Post-it note June 20, 2021

The note from this post-it is very long.

‘I definitely feel punked or gaslit.

The call sheet and the board with the call assignments did not match.

So I asked the guy whose name was on the board and he told me, no, it wasn’t him, must’ve been an error, one person was taking the first part of the call and the person on the call sheet was taking the latter portion.

Fast forward a bunch of hours to the middle of the night and I am fruitlessly calling the call sheet person.

After six phone calls, plus the supervisor calling he finally answered and said that he wasn’t on call.


I started calling around and no one would answer.

Bear in mind this is 0200.

I called the guy whose name was on the board and he answered.

He also said that he told me that the call was him earlier and the woman who filled out the sheet did it wrong.

I have to say this puts a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.’

This is where the note on the front and the back of the post-it ended.

This was several days ago and I still have a horrible feeling about the entire situation.

Do I think he lied to me outright?


Do I think that he think he was being funny?


He has a reputation of a bit a jokester.

But I do not find it funny.

You see, I asked him point blank about it.

And he denied it.

The only reason that came to light was the fact that we have a middle of the night case.

I told our assistant nurse manager about being punked or gaslit by this.

Nothing will come of it.

Which is the worst feeling of all.

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