Yup, yelled at a doc today

Yes, I yelled at a doctor today.

No, I do not regret it.

The number one thing I say over, and over, and over, and over.

And over.

Is move the bed away from the table when you are sitting up a patient.

We had moved the patient.

The tech and I were conferring near the end of the bed about troubleshooting the table.

I stepped away, after putting the side rails on one side up.

To turn off the table.

I look back and the anesthesiologist is trying to sit the patient up.

My hands flew out.

I called out loudly, “(Name), stop!”

He did not.

The bed clunked as it strained against the hundreds of pound bed.

I could see the table trying to move.

The bed clunked again as it was straining against the bed.

I repeated my warning.

He looked at me, wide eyed.

Rather an Alfred E. Newman look.

I scolded him.

“The one thing I repeat every FUCKING day is to move the bed away from the table before sitting up.”

He put his hands up and stepped away from the bed.

“You can flip the table and damage the bed.”

He carefully didn’t look at me on the way to PACU.

I mean, what the actual fuck?

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