Never written up an MD before, perhaps I should

And the struggles with no doctor call continue.

Last night I got a text from the supervisor about a D&C on the floor who was bleeding.

I replied no doctor had called me, texted me, smoke signals.


I texted the CRNA and told her there was an imminent urgent case that I knew nothing about.

She texted back that she had called in her OB back-up, as she was stuck in endo.

I texted the surgeon that I heard there was a D&C, care to share?

I got an immediate call back.

She said there was a bleeder on the floor who needed to come down urgently.

She said that she had called the anesthesiologist.

I reminded her, gently, that the first call should be to the OR charge, so that I can get the ball rolling, the patient sent for, and inform the anesthesia team.

She pushed back, telling me she had been in the room with the patient.

Um, yeah, but nothing happens until you call the OR charge.

I don’t care that you told the anesthesiologist, who, it turns out, gave you incorrect information.

I don’t care that you told the floor nurse.

You have to tell the OR charge.

Which is me, hello. (waves)

Already behind the 8-ball, I got the tech to pick the case and set up the room.

I got PACU to call for the patient and put a fire under transport.

I finished setting up the room, offered to help with the quick prep.

Reminded the doc again when she came down of the proper procedure for scheduling an add on, emergency or not.

I was hopping mad.

Because this entire circus?

Cost us about 30 minutes in preparation time when we could be getting the patient down, prepping the patient, making sure that the blood that had been ordered was ready and beginning the blood.

And when you’ve already hemorrhaged for five hours, thirty minutes can mean life or death.

I hate beginning already thirty minutes behind.

To do:

I will finish the welcome letter to MDs about add on process.

I will get it blessed by surgical committee.

I will get it posted in all the units of the hospital.

In the midst of the chaos the general surgeon called with another add on.

A lap appy.

Because of course he did.

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