Courting danger

Why do I do this to myself?

A surgeon paged me last night with a request.

He wanted to go at 0700.

I told him I was told that I could no longer give out 0700 time slots, even if there is nothing in that room until later.

He asked for 0630.

I said yes.

I am going to go to work, clock in as call back, pick the case, open the case, get the patient, prep the patient, call the anesthesia team, think about calling the scrub tech, realize that someone will be here at 0600, probably the scrub tech on call.

Start the case.

Be relieved.

Come back home and go back to bed.

I will probably be asked about why I let this happen.

I will tell them I think their rules for not adding on early morning cases are silly and a surgeon disatisfier.

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