That was cathartic

In March the hospital leadership were casting around for socially distanced ideas for nurse’s week/hospital week.

Curses on whoever decided those weeks should overlap.

I had heard about a covid pinata at an educational seminar and found the idea hilarious.

I brought that up to the meeting.

And the OR administration assistant was riffing ideas with us and together we came up with beating up a derelict car.

This was also hilarious.

But there were a LOT of hurdles to overcome.

The hospital had to find the car.

Had to get permission from the corporation.

Had to get an insurance rider.

Had to assemble the implements of mass destruction.

Had to make the car safe for destruction.

Had to arrange for delivery of the de-fluided/de-engined/de-glassed car to the hospital.

The stars aligned and it all happened.

We had TWO covid pinatas.

We had one car that we got to beat up on.

We had to arrange a five hour time during hospital week to beat up on the car, so that all who wanted to could beat up on the car.


Very cathartic.

Implements of destruction included the three different sizes of sledge hammers, two aluminum bats, one wooden bat, a crowbar, a crowhammer, and an bed IV pole that had been bent out of usefulness.

Participants got to choose their weapon.

I used the medium sized sledge hammer and took several might thwacks to the poor beat up car.

Someone had attached covid decals to the paint job: some sneering, some with an expression of horror.

I wanted a piece of the car to take home and frame but I did not get my wish.

I have pictures though.

As I was parking, I had a thought.

Some people hadn’t wanted to beat up on the car because they didn’t want to get hurt.

Water balloons would have been wonderful.

I wonder if we can incorporate them into next year?

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