And I journey on

Yeah, I had a rough Sunday.

And a rough start to this week.

I was dreading the “talk” with my managers, about the stress I am putting on my coworkers by being too efficient at call and at work.

So much so that I promptly burst into tears when I was called in to the office on Wednesday.

Damn my over active tear ducts.

They wanted to talk to me about something completely unrelated.

Okay then.

But before that I decided that I, at 45 years old, and a working nurse of 20 years, needed a little comfort in my work bag.

It is not liquor.

I do not drink.

It is not drugs.

I do not do drugs either.


I decided to add a little stuffed animal to my work bag.

A little stuffed hedgehog.

So, what?

It makes me smile.

And keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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