Cookie Thursday, 2 days late.

Yes, Thursday was 2 days ago.

No, I haven’t added my Cookie Thursday is a Thing post for this week.

Citrus month is in full swing.

This week I made ricotta grapefruit cookies.

This was interesting.

Ricotta is such a neutral cheese.

By that I mean it can be savory or sweet.

Grapefruit is a citrus.

A strong tasting citrus.

I thought this would be more flavorful than it was.

The grapefruit flavor came through, but it was muted by the ricotta, I think.

I hate making frosting.

No reason, it’s just obnoxious to me when I make it.

This cookie needed a frosting topper.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a lot of powdered sugar.

I ended up using 3 times the juice to even get a spreadable frosting.

And then I put the frosting in a bowel and placed it next to the cookies and let people decide how much frosting, if any, they wanted.

People seemed to like it.

An anesthesiologist was disappointed when he didn’t get a cookie.

But he didn’t check the drawer they live in.

So he didn’t get a cookie.

We had a late case and I had to call in the call PACU nurses.

One of them was unfamiliar to me and I introduced myself to her.

I had given report and was about to leave and I turned back and told her about Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

She said that she had the cookie this week and it was awesome.

She also said no one told her about the cookies. That she thought it was a joke.

Until she noticed, on Thursday, someone opening the cookie drawer.

And there were fresh baked cookies in there.

And now she checks the drawer before she leaves on Thursdays.

I told her that the cookies don’t get there before 1430, because that is the time I get to work.

And she asked, shocked, “The cookies are yours?”

This tickled me.

And I told both the PACU nurses that next week’s cookie was going to be a lemon-lime flavor.

Finishing citrus month like a boss.

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