Apparently I’m a psychic

Yesterday, when I was explaining sometimes you don’t get a lot of sleep on call.

And sometimes you have early morning meetings and the calls still come.

Last night.

I went to bed early.

I was in bed at 2345.

I wasn’t asleep, let’s not be hasty.

I was reading.

I drifted off to sleep probably at 0030.

Only to be rudely awakened at 0210 by the phone.

There was a bleeding patient and the doctor wanted to go now.


I was at the hospital from 0228-0428.

I was home and back in bed at 0445.

At 0817 the phone rang and it was an inspector, coming to survey the new water heater.

And he would be at the house at 0835.

For those following along it was the exact scenario I wrote about last night before bed.


Apparently I’m psychic now.

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