When a nap isn’t a nap

Sometimes you are at the hospital all night.

Sometimes you are at the hospital some of the night.

Sometimes you don’t get to bed before say 0300.

Sometimes you have to be up at 0800 for a meeting.

Sometimes you nap after the 0800 meeting for an hour or so.

And you wake up feeling like death.

Because that nap?

Is a double edged sword.

Yes, it may feel amazing to stretch out and snooze before your shift at 1400.

When you wake up you may be more tired than when you laid down to nap.

And you are staring down the barrel of an 8 hour shift.

On minimal sleep.

And the schedule for the day?

Is packed.

You get dressed.

Grab some caffeine on the way in.

And hope there aren’t any add ons.

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