For those who do not know the term, and why don’t you know the term, it is when a man explains anything to a woman, who is usually qualified and in possession of said information.

Today an anesthesiologist, who is a mansplainer extraordinaire, explained to me why it is important to place an axillary pad when the patient is in a side-lying position.

Um, okay?

Of course you need to take pressure off the axilla while a patient is in a side lying position.

Because you know veins and arteries and nerves and such (I really do know the reason why, bear with me.)

He and I had positioned so many people on their sides, together.

The most recent was last week.

But today, this same anesthesiologist that I’ve positioned with for years, took it upon himself to explain the mechanics of why we were doing it.

I did not shake him, although I wanted to.

I did not snap back, although I wanted to.

I just kept going with the positioning.

We had a case to start.

But the mansplaining is getting REALLY deep in here.

And my willingness to put up with it is very, very thin.

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