Lots of Nevers this Year

There seems to be lots of never occasions this year.

From the never had to stay home so long

To the never going to get to go on vacation.

To the never going to get enough hours because the elective surgery cases have stopped.

To the never have I ever had to wear a mask every time I leave the house.

To the hmm, I’ve never done that.

This week the surgeon never got the hip back in place.

This means that the total hip the patient has WOULD NOT go back into the socket.

Say it with me.

This has never happened in a closed reduction case.

I’ve personally assisted on several a year.

Times 19 years.


But this week we had to open a hip because we could not get it back in place.

Of course there were two more urgent cases waiting and I decided to allow the hip reduction to go first, foolishly thinking it would take the usual 15 minutes.

I was wrong.

Two hours later we were finally done.

The waiting surgeon was like a jack in the box, popping up to ask me if I was going to call in the other team.

Like Schroedinger’s Cat there is and is not another team.

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