Weekender update

I’m trying to keep an open mind. Really, I am.


Of the 8 weeks this thingy has been active, I’ve been on call after the weekender leaves at 1900. Okay, normal.

What is not normal is the 15 weekend days I’ve been there after 1900. Sometimes the surgeon waits until after 1900 to page me, sometimes I am summoned earlier.

For instance, Saturday I was texted, called and paged within a minute.


I answered the page at 1835. The weekender told me that Dr. X had an open fracture that he wanted to put an ex-fix on.


She told me it would start at 1900.

I asked if the patient was prepped.

No patient, no exact surgery planned.

Just there is an ex-fix and doctor wants to start at 1900.

I gently told her she had no patient, no clear plan of what was going to be happening and there was no way on God’s green earth all of that would happen in 30 minutes and that I was on my way.

Next she told me she could not get a hold of the tech.

Okay, I’ve got that.

I had the nursing supervisor call the tech while I was driving as I was not exactly clear who was on call.

When I got there 10 minutes later (don’t hate me because I live so close), the two weekenders were milling around, I guess.

I asked if the case had been picked since they knew about this case in advance.


Resounding thud of an answer.

I held my tongue, I smiled and nodded and went downstairs to get case picked.

And then I prepped the patient.

And then we started the case at 1935.


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