Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde.

This spells trouble.

Not unlike a full moon.

Yes, I mostly grew up in Northern California so my outlook is moderately crunchy.

My zodiac sign is Cancer. I prefer the moniker Moon Child.

I am a water sign.

I believe in the power of the full moon, especially on the crazies, and the pregnant women.

I wasn’t paying too close attention to Mercury being in retrograde until recently. Mostly because I don’t really ascribe to it.

Mercury went into retrograde on Monday, February 17.

The OR worked until 0100. I didn’t get to sleep until 0130. As you do after a busy shift.

And I had an 0630 meeting. Of course.

Rinse and repeat ALL WEEK LONG.

Mercury is in retrograde, please make the increased evening cases stop. We had just gotten over the late fall early winter rush.

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