In the further adventures of WTF

That tech that drives me crazy?

Pretty much drives everyone crazy.

Good to know that I am not alone.

I know that he is actively working on the new weekend call tech.

Telling her that they can absolutely switch shifts.

That she can work Wed, Thur.

And he will work Fri, Sat, Sun.

Only one thing wrong with that, sunshine.

Those are two different shifts.

Which I told  you when you asked.

There is no guarantee you would get a third day during the week.

Because the weekend tech has to ask for extra shifts.

And the surgeons whose rooms you’ve been kicked out of?

They are on call those weekends too.

How is that going to work?

And don’t tell me you will call the call tech to cover those cases.


Just no.

You cannot arrange the whole universe to suit you.

And, there would be no one to make sure that you were doing your job on the weekend.

I’ll make a case against this.

I will make it succinct and persuasive.

I just hope it works.


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