Please respond within 30 minutes

When you are called in you have 30 minutes to get to the hospital.

Not 40.

Not 50.

Not 60.

Thirty, 30, 3-0.

Do not pass go, do not shower, do not go out to eat, do not walk the dog.

Unless you can get it done and still report to the hospital within the 30.

I think people have gotten spoiled because I live so close to the hospital.

I’m there usually within ten, fifteen with traffic.

This leaves me time to grab and sign into a phone.

Schedule the case.

Pick the case.

Call for report for patient.

Arrange transport for patient.

Put the pick in the room.

Pre-op the patient.

Tell anesthesia the patient is in PACU.

And you are still not there.

That’s assuming you’ve answered your phone at all.

If not, and this has happened several times recently with a certain tech, I start the phone tree looking for a replacement tech.

And I stall the doc until a tech arrives, without letting on that we are waiting for a tech.

It’s getting old, people.

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