It’s FIVE feet away!!!

Um, so I was rounding to make sure the rooms were picked up and the stirrups away and the rooms set back to neutral when I noticed a nurse was still in the department.

She was cleaning and organizing room 5.

She’d spent a bulk of the day cleaning and organizing room 6 for the advent of cases.

She asked me to approve of her changes and I did.

In room 6.

In room 5 she put unsterile specimen containers above the computer in the computer station.

Because the room might need them.

I looked past her to the substerile room that was 1 door and 5 feet away and asked, “Like the ones in the substerile cabinet. That is 5 feet away.”

She said yes, and sometimes people didn’t like to leave their rooms.

I repeated, “5 FEET away is too far?”

She didn’t speak to me the remaining 4 minutes of her shift.

I felt like the little kid who was collecting money for the newspaper and all he wanted was 2 dollars.


Five feet away and it is too far to walk.

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