Nuclear Edition

There is a newish tech at the hospital.

And he’s scooping up all the tech weekend call.

And he’s obnoxious.

He’s a know it all and not in a good way.

He won’t answer his phone.

He won’t answer his pager.

I am disgusted.

I have two options as I see it.

  1. grin and bear it until the weekend tech is ready to go live on her shift
  2. stop taking all the weekend call from the nurses

The second is the nuclear option.

I enjoy call.

I’m good at it.

I do not enjoy shepherding a know it all through his paces.

Every weekend.

I’m leaning toward 1. However, I heard about him telling the new weekend tech that she’s going to get tired of working every weekend, inferring that she should not.

As I did not hear this myself I can’t report off to my boss.

However, I can tell her to pay no attention to him.


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