What a week


This week has been particularly hateful.

I believe the best way to synopsize the last three days is a little story.

We are about to start a 3 hour jaw revision.

At 1900.

Hark, the phone rings and it is OB telling me there’s an ectopic in the ED.

Well, an ectopic is an emergency.

I told the OB to see the patient in the ED and get back to me, because we would hold the jaw fracture.

He hemmed and hawed and said he’d go the ED after he finished the delivery he was on.

I went to tell the team and the surgeon who was being delayed about the ectopic and that I anticipated hearing something soon.

Cue me and the CRNA checking on the rooms.

Each of us not wanting to go past the surgeon at the desk with no news.

FINALLY, after 45 minutes I sent a query text to the OB doc. ???

A little sheepishly I got a reply to start the revision.

Because the patient wasn’t even in our ED.

They were at another hospital.

You made me delay a case for 1 hour and you’d been consulted on the wrong ED.


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