I don’t know if you can have that day off

About five or six years ago I was approached to do the staff schedule.

This means I would make the staff schedule. Most people worked 8 hours a day, but there were a few 12 hour people and the call had to be assigned.

I was hesitant but our scheduler, our manager, was accepting a position higher in the company and wanted a trustworthy person to hand it off to.

I said yes. Because why not? Someone has to do it.

Jules and I would have conversations about how to balance all the schedules and their personalities.

I took the scheduling software class.

I did the first schedule along with Jules.

And then one on my own, with her overlooking it.

And then I was off to the races.

Except for a six month period, when they gave the responsibility to the administrative assistant, I’ve done it ever since.

That’s a lot of schedules 6 weeks at a time.

I work very hard on balancing the schedule.

I no longer do the calls, because someone decided that the choice should be given back to the employees. But that’s another Tuesday.

There was only one rule that Jules gave me.

And that was to be fair.

Streak Day 2. by the skin of my teeth.

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