Budget, budget, who has the money?

I started my nursing career as a CNA in a nursing home. I moved to a skilled nursing unit at my local hospital while I was planning my return to nursing school. I spent the next six years at this rural hospital in Northern California.

For six years I climbed my version of a career ladder.

I was a CNA in the SNU.

I was a student who did clinical there.

I became a telemetry tech on the Med Surg unit/unit secretary.

I worked my days off as a CNA on the Med Surg unit.

I continued in school and graduated from an ADN program.

I was a Interim Permit RN, which means I worked as an RN, while waiting to take my NCLEX.

I worked as an RN there, evening shift for ten months.

I went to my boss in tears because I had found a job in San Francisco and I would be afforded an opportunity to be an OR nurse in two years. I was so nervous. My boss said she didn’t want to lose me and talked to the OR manager and got me a job as an OR nurse. The hospital sent me to PeriOp 101 class in San Francisco.

I worked as an OR RN.

I became the day shift charge nurse.

I took over the orthopedic service.

I took over 50% of the call.

In these six year I was learning and climbing, the hospital was struggling financially.

There were rumors of closure every six months and monthly I would catch my breath, sure that this was the month it would close.

I know of hardship and working at a rural hospital whose daily census is dropping.

I know of pinching pennies and thinking twice before opening supplies.

I think that this has made me a better nurse.

And a more cost conscious one.


Streak Day 1

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