What a week!

I’m not supposed to be working this much.

I’m not.

I should have realized that opening the expansion of the hospital would come with some serious hours attached.

I’m not sure why, though.

I was involved in some of the planning.

I went to the opening day party.

On my lunch break. (The falafel pita was wonderful! More foodtrucks!!!)

And I worked my regular shift.

Plus an 8 hour pediatric life support class.

Plus a 2 hour mandatory education class.

Plus a one hour seminar on staff injury that I chose to watch.

Plus a one hour seminar on leadership roles.

Plus 24 hours of week call (we worked 6 hours).

Plus 48 hours of weekend call (we worked 12).

Plus 4 hour professional nurse council meeting.

Plus evenings has been slammed all week.

No, I’m not really sure how I got to over fifty hours.

Not sure at all.


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