Magnet Site Visit Hangover

And Nurse’s Week bled into Hospital Week which was the same week as the Magnet Site visit for my hospital system.

Being involved as I am in leadership, and Shared Governance, and all around yes-woman, I worked a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean it.

I squired around my hospital’s Magnet appraiser for two days, plus worked my usual shift. As I do.

One day of just my shift.

Two more days of Magnet meetings.

Plus my shift.

Is it any wonder I left on pager at 2100 on Friday night?

Of course I was on call the weekend.

Of course.

And did another 12 hour day and 6 hour day.

I’ve been work hungover all week.

Naps and sleeping late.

Ignoring my work email.

I deserve it.

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