That didn’t take long

Want to hate on me for how I run the board?

Well step right up, CRNA! Step right up to dislike me.

That did not take long.

There is this other CRNA. No I don’t know how I collect these people.

As soon as he joined the call ranks he started to send every other CRNA home as soon as possible in the evenings, sometimes as early as 1600. And invariably a case would show up, which would have to go after the case we were already working on. Instead of running two rooms concurrently, which we are supposed to be able to do until 1900, the case had to follow after. Much to the delight of the surgeon who had to wait, and the evening folk who had to be in a room all night and not get their evening chores done, and the day shift who depend on those chores getting done.

I get it, man, I do. EVERYONE wants to go home early, and since the CRNAs get paid for the whole shift regardless of hours worked, they especially do.

But see above reasons for running concurrent rooms.

And no, I will not start a third room at 1815 because you asked Surgeon A if he was going to be done by 1900. Surgeon B absolutely would be done at 1830, but Surgeon A is lying to you. Or thinking only of his time, which doesn’t account for the waking up and going to PACU time. And no, I will not make my coworkers stay the extra 10 minutes. Just, no.

I will not start a third room at 1815.

I don’t care if you scowl at me. It really isn’t that impressive.

Don’t invoke how unhappy the patient is, or their dropping H&H. The surgeon should’ve taken the opportunity to bump when I offered it to her. But she didn’t and now that case is going to have to wait until Surgeon A and Surgeon B finish their cases.

I do this all night, every night. I think I know what I am talking about.

Stop pushing me to arrange the schedule for YOUR convenience.

Where do they find these people?

Oh, and Surgeon A didn’t finish until 1930.

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