I’ll explain it again for the ones who can’t hear in the back

Personal responsibility is a thing.

This is a hard taught thing but a thing none the less.

I’m a big fan of procastination, for example, see my life.

But not where it counts.

Not where it impacts my livelihood and job.

Because at the end, I’ve only got myself to blame.

So I keep a close eye on things that impact my ability to work, such as my nursing license expiration date, and when my CPR expires.

I don’t rely on others, including my boss, to remind me.

As always, I don’t understand those who don’t keep a close eye on what they need to work. And I’ve been called cruel for that, uncaring. Because what about life, parenting status, illness, work that get in the way of paying attention to the things that keep us employed?

We all have obstacles to our lives.

It is our part of personal responsibility to make sure that everything is done in a timely manner. So that we can continue to work to earn money to live.

Why don’t people get that?

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