Ding Dong She’s Gone

My least favorite anesthetist left for … I don’t really care what.

The one who was never satisfied with my decisions, always wanting to move the schedule around to satisfy her need to get off the floor.

The one who would never take no for an answer, preferring instead to badger and cajole and talk shit about me behind my back to anyone who would listen.

The one if I said black, she said white.

My boss wouldn’t let me throw a thank God she’s gone party for the day after she left.

Me, publicly, subdued yay.

Me, in my head, YAY!!!

I might have had a party of one. I got lunch out from a grab and go place near work. I had my favorite cold caffeine. I deleted her number from my phone, I deleted her as a friend on Facebook (she friended me first before she knew I would not bend to her will).

My husband says don’t worry, someone will hate you soon.

I shrug.

Let them.

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