What a dispatch is

I’ve been doing this blog, on this platform for 18 months.

I have struggled with finding the time to write, with cementing the days I publish blog posts.

I have exposed new coworkers to the idea of a blog about the evening shift OR.

I have gone back to graduate school and struggled there as well.

I got my first C ever. EVER.

A dispatch is a communication to the front lines.

I have decided to make a dispatch from the front lines instead.

I am not Kate DeVine.

I write under a pseudonym.

I work in a suburban hospital but don’t identify my location or state.

I work evening shift.

I am the evening shift charge nurse.

I may write about patients but I do not write about specific details.

I may change the ages of patients, the diagnoses of patients, even the sex of patients.

I write about my coworkers, again no names although some have been recognized by people in the department.

I do not watch my tone, or my words, and am frequently very sweary.

I just wanted to reiterate that nothing in my posts can be identifiable regarding patients or the hospital. This is not just to protect them but to protect myself.

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