Cookie Thursday 5/25/23-Try the gray stuff! It’s delicious.

Last Cookie Thursday is a Thing of May 2023.

Of course the last movie make will be the gray stuff from Beauty and the Beast.

It is from the song Be Our Guest. When the cutlery and plates and furniture are dancing around Belle telling her to relax and be their guest.

It is very similar to the operating room experience.

We invite people in.

We dance around giving them everything that we can to make them comfortable.

We dance around giving them a good OR experience.

We dance around making sure the room is ready and prepared.

Give them nourishment in the form of an IV. Nothing by mouth, please.

Give them warm blankets.

Fix their physical problems.

Make sure they are comfortable before they go up to their room/are discharged.

We get treated like furniture.

I’m telling you it all fits.

The make this week is the gray stuff.

Watching the movie, I really thought it would be savory. Like goose liver pate.

But no.

The recipe I found is a Disney copy-cat recipe.

Gray Stuff

3.4 oz package of vanilla instant pudding

1/2 c milk

15 oreos

6 oz container of cool whip

Make the pudding with the package and the milk. Set aside to set. Add in crushed oreos and fold in the cool whip.


Gray stuff.

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