Monday Musing 5/22/23-compromise?

Okay. There has been fervent pushback on the 6-week abortion bans. The “heartbeat” bills. The heart doesn’t exist yet, it is just electrical activity but go on with your delusions. This led to political challenges for the republicans, and rightly so. They only won a little when they expected to win big in 2022. The protests are ongoing from women who believe that they should have bodily autonomy and the men who support them. Doctors are leaving states where they are sorely needed. It’s like they should have listened to the 63% of Americans who believe that abortion should be legal and not the 37% who believe that it is wrong.

Uh, oh… time to recalculate.

This is obviously a losing message. And there is a very important presidential race in 2 years. Can’t fuck that one up.

They are frantic for a new message. The state of North Carolina gave them one. If 6 weeks is too stringent, they believe that doubling the amount of time will buy them back their seats. The legislature in NC, as discussed last week, passed a very rigorous, no woman can do all the things that this bill says, law that was promptly rejected by the governor, and a vote was taken in the middle of the night to overturn the veto. Remember that? I talked about it last week.

Now 12 weeks bans are the bills that are passing.

What are women so upset for?


We gave you what you wanted.

No. You gave us what you think we want.

Different story.

Women want to have control back.

Control over their bodies.

Control over their healthcare.

Control over the ability to end a very much hoped-for pregnancy that will only end in tears and torture for the child who cannot survive. This past weekend there was an article in the Washington Post about Baby M, who would not be able to live outside the womb. His parents had the poor fortune to live in Florida and the pregnancy was forced to continue. The story concluded as you anticipate. He suffocated trying to survive in a world that he could not. He tried and lived 99 minutes after birth.

There was no miracle. (a part of the article that made me see red!)

There are many babies like this.

This is what I have been railing on for MONTHS, nearly a year.

Babies will be tortured. Mothers will be guilt-ridden for all their days because their bodies failed this baby.

Women will die trying to hit the high bar monstrosity that has been foisted upon us.

By men.

12 weeks is an arbitrary number.

12 weeks is the end of the first trimester. Not arbitrary.

18-10 weeks is the anatomy scan where catastrophic problems are detected.

As a woman, I continue this continued bullshit as a warning.

What will they come after next?

We know that mifepristone and misoprostol are endangered.

As is free travel across some state lines.

The big question is why?


The I don’t like it, therefore no one should do it crowd.

Hell, yes, I’m still pissed.

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