Can’t do it

I can’t write today. I’ve begun and scrapped so many posts.

I am too mad.

Mad about the travesty that is happening in my own state. And in other states. So many other states.


Well, the state house and state senate passed a bill limiting abortion after 12 weeks in my state.

And the governor vetoed it.

And last night the state house and state senate overrode the veto. Aided by the democrat turncoat vote for me, and when I am in office, oops, I’m actually a republican. Calling a 12-week ban a “good compromise”. A middle of the road solution.

I call bullshit.

I did not vote for her.

But others I work with did. And they feel betrayed. And pissed.

12 weeks is just an arbitrary number. And the law’s restrictions placed upon women who are seeking an abortion in terms of time and money and money and money is sickening. Ugh.

Yeah, I know other states have it worse.

But did you know that this is just the beginning? Other states have already telegraphed their intentions to roll this country back to the 1950s.

When men were men.

And women were servants to the men.

And women suffered and died.

A lot.

The people of this country support access to abortion.

I say get out of our personal business. And our uteruses. A friend bought me a tee shirt that says “He who hath not a uterus should shut the fucketh up.” This baby is gonna get a lot of wear in the next little bit.

I can only imagine the impact this will have on the hospitals.

Beyond that, I can only imagine the death and despair that we are seeing in other, more restrictive states writ upon my own state. I wrote on a social media platform that women are dying and will continue to die. And for what?

So the small percentage of the population who dislike abortion, my own family members among the single-issue voters, can say that they slew the beast? And what will be their next target? I mean, we already know.

To the state representatives and state senator, I hope you know what you have wrought.


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