Cookie Thursday 5/4/23- May the Fourth Be With You


Thursday is on May 4.

Those of you not complete geeks the fourth of May is Star Wars Day.

It’s a play on words.

A pun, if you would.

A day when geeks like me wear tee shirts, or cosplay, or greet each other with “May the Fourth Be With You.”

This year’s celebration is striking a bit different with the Evil Empire trying to enforce their will on the populace and the rebels striking back.

It is up to you to determine who the Evil Empire is. But there are broad hints in the stifling of voices and the banning of books. And the control of women, by any means necessary, to keep their iron grip on the people. Regardless of how the people feel about it.

Even my state has joined the idiocy. As an OR nurse, I have already seen the impact of desperate women doing desperate things to try to stay alive. And children whose voices are being silenced and they are not being listened to when they tell adults they can trust that there is something wrong.

But, hey, you do you.

Me, I’ll keep fighting and writing and speaking up for those who are being silenced. And slaughtered.

Mothers who are being told they must be sick unto death before their child who is dead already, or cannot survive outside the womb and is actively trying to kill them can be terminated.

But don’t worry, the Evil Empire will still try to convince the gullible that Democrats want to kill a baby in the womb up to term. I’ll say it again, not louder because no one responds to that, but more emphatically.



But it makes a handy little fairy tale, doesn’t it?

Stop torturing people so you can force all progress since WWII to cease.

Or, worse, the children who decide to end their own lives over this buffoonery. Or the children who you want born into suffering. Because goodness knows that once a child is born, they are the parent’s sole responsibility.

It’s my little corner of the Rebellion.

This week’s make are candy-coated pretzel rods aka light sabers.

There are red light sabers for evil and power.

There are blue light sabers for justice and protection.

There are green light sabers for peace through force when necessry.

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