Monday Musings 4/17/23-Control issues?

The current fire that is going on in statehouses across the country.

About books, and gender-affirming healthcare, and LGBTQIA+ rights, Climate change, and vaccinations, both covid and otherwise. And Drag Queens and their entertainment of others is apparently bad?

And I can’t forget about her Dodd decision last year that struck down a 50-year law that certain people have been railing against for just as long.

Oh, and racism is always a hot number. And guns and the literal children that are being shot and killed.

Because they don’t want to engage in the behavior, or the books, or the vaccinations, and abortion conversations, and taking away of women’s rights, in their minds, we shouldn’t have the change either.

It is enough to make you sick, listening to them.

It’s for the children, they bleat. Think of the children.


More kids are going to die at their own hand because they can’t stand the crushing pressure of making them act like whatever gender you assigned them at birth.

It is about control and their fear of losing control over the populace. The ones who bear their children and wash their clothes and cook their food.

Whoever “they” are.

They don’t think people should be reading, or having bodily autonomy, or recycling, or driving more fuel-efficient cars, or taking a vaccination for a disease that can and will call you. Or that a person can be born in the wrong body, Or love someone that doesn’t make sense in their little lizard brains. And since they don’t think any of that should be happening, no one gets to do any of the things that THEY don’t like.

And that is a problem.

No, it is THE problem.

I don’t care if you think that the sky is purple with screaming yellow stripes. It only becomes a problem when your personal belief dictates my belief. And you won’t give up until you make me say it.

See, control.

Or your actions have the potential to harm many people, in the event of a catastrophic new disease that was sweeping, continues to sweep, and will be sweeping the world because you don’t care enough to get vaccinated for another person. Why should you, you don’t know them? Until that person is your grandmother.

Millions have died due to the pandemic, how many hundreds of thousands could have been saved if everyone had gotten vaccinated. According to a study by the University of Minnesota in June 2022, 20 million people survived because of the vaccines. No small number. How many more could have been saved if there wasn’t such a backlash against the vaccines and everyone had taken one when they were first available instead of whining? No way of knowing.

Again, it isn’t that there are other belief structures out there. It is when the beliefs actively actually harm others that pause has to be taken. And not in the “pretend in their heads” cause I made it up harm.

And if my daughter I don’t even have wanted to change her name and her pronouns, that would be fine. If a kid wants to read a book, let them, if they are too young for the book and don’t understand the themes, have a conversation with them. And if a woman wants to have bodily autonomy and not birth their rapist’s child, don’t stop her. Don’t control them.

Don’t control us.

I am a married woman with no children and an advanced degree and working on another one. And I am not falling for their bullshit.

And doesn’t that scare them to death?

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