School Me Saturday 4/15/23-summer school

The end of the semester is approaching at warp speed.

Before we know it, school will be out for the semester. And all students can look forward to a nice long break.


Here in the United States, the 4-year bachelor’s degree is something of a myth. The student can take 18 credit hours and study like anything and be done in 4 years. So much for the much-talked-about college experience. And what if the student would like to eat and is no longer in the dorms on a meal plan.

Or supplement their scholarship money with work-study.

Or does plain old work.

Or is solely responsible for their college bill and would like to be done in 4, please.

Or is an adult learner, with a family, and is also responsible for the college bill.

Sometimes to hit that 4-year mark, summer school is a must. Or the instructor only teaches summer session.

What then?

Summer school is where some curricula add classes to ensure that the student is out in 4 years. Or is where the makeup sessions are.

There are lots of reasons for summer school.

Odds are, you or your student knows someone who is taking summer school. It might even be you.

There is probably a week off between the end of classes and the beginning of summer session.

And a bit of time at the end of summer session. Plenty of time to live it up a bit without the demands of homework assignments and tests. And to sleep in.

Ah, sleep. Perchance to dream.

Wrote a famous writer.

At the end of the college experience and the degree is in hand, I promise, it is worth it.

It can be difficult in the meantime to keep going. Especially when everyone else is out having fun. But they probably will have to take a 5th year or at least part of one.

As I heard from one of my grandmothers, sooner begun is sooner done. These summer sessions might seem hard but if it gets you graduated sooner, with degree in hand, it will be worth it.

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