Cookie Thursday 3/30/23- pretzel bites, second post

Hoisted on my own petard! I accidentally deleted the other post.

This week’s make is the pretzel bites. And it is saved under the super-labor intensive tab. Because of the complexity, I have only made it twice in the past. Perfect for the Blast from the Past March theme.

Because, while the recipe itself is not hard, some of the steps are obnoxious.

The boil each piece in baking soda water, but only for 15 seconds mind in particular.

The dough must be made.

The dough must be rested.

The dough must be portioned out and rested again.

The pieces that will be the bites has to be carefully boiled for 15 seconds apiece.

The pieces must be baked.


And not unlike the beginning of an OR case. Lots of details to keep track of, constant interruption when things are needed.

I chose to serve these pretzel bites with a choice of cinnamon sugar or cheese sauce. Once the pieces were boiled I sprinkled half of them with salt, and I left the other half naked. It is these naked ones that I shook in a bag with melted butter and cinnamon sugar to coat them with awesomeness. If I had to eat the pretzel bites I am team cinnamon sugar, the whole way.

The cheese sauce was begun with butter and flour to make a roux. I kept an eye on it as I grated the cheese. When the roux was a beautiful brown shade I added half of the cheese, instead of the cream. And realized my mistake immediately. I hurriedly added the cream and stirred until it started to thicken, hoping that this would work. It did! I added the rest of the cheddar, and the pepper and stirred until the sauce was smooth.

Phew, rectified that misstep.

I took the bakes to the hospital. Immediately when I went into the lounge I was set upon by the hordes.

And as I was wondering out loud if I should have made a second batch, a nurse tossed over her shoulder as she walked away with a pretzel bite, “Kate, you should always make 2 batches.”

She didn’t hear my response, “And who is going to buy me the groceries?”

A day that wasn’t super long in the baking, but I had an almost mistake.

Never mind, it turned out alright in the end.

Say it with me folks, Cookie Thursday is a Thing is all about the experimentation!

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