School Me Saturday 3/25/23-you don’t know what you don’t know, you know?

People engaging in school are painfully aware of what they don’t know.

Trust me.


There is a section of students who should be more aware of what they don’t know.

Every instructor has had these students. They are argumentative and turn in half filled in assignments. They know best what to do in every situation. And never pause to think about the consequences. What if they don’t know what to do in every situation and they just skate along, without a care in the world, thinking they are hot stuff. And no amount of explanations will stop their behavior.

And then it happens.

It doesn’t matter what IT is.

Could be anything.

A patient fall when the side rail was left down.

A medication error that had disastrous results.

Even something innocuous, kind of like leaving the car windows down when a rain storm is forecast for the afternoon.

The patient fell, a whopping dose of insulin was given to room 232, bed A, when it should have been given to room 232, bed B, the inside of the car gets wet.

Unintended consequences are a real thing.

And the patient who fell has a brain bleed and requires transfer to a higher level of care. And room 232 bed A’s blood sugar dropped to 30 and they seized because of it. And the bag of newly bought textbooks got wet and ruined.

How to deal with this mess?

Does the student understand what and where it went wrong? Or do they play the blame game?

To be a student is to be actively learning.

But the student also has to really understand that they don’t know everything.

They don’t know what they don’t know.

You know?

This is a horrible lesson for them to learn in those kinds of circumstances.

But needed.

Students, be aware that you don’t know everything and listen to your instructor/boss/charge nurse.

No. I mean it.

Really listen

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