School Me Saturday 2/25/23- the group project

Nothing strikes more fear into a student’s heart except for the three little words of the group project.

See, shudders.

I’d rather not, thank you.

There is always one of three archetypes

  1. the overachiever who is in fear for their grade and does the entire project themselves
  2. the slacker that might or might not come to the group meetings
  3. the bubbly one who presents the group presentation

You can be all of these at the same time.

I know I can.

I just finished a midsemester project for statistics.

And by just finished I mean I turned it in at 1209, it was due at 1330.

And then we will have the PowerPoint presentations on the group project.

I will begin the way I always begin, by informing the group that I am not a natural speaker and to give me grace.

Back to the group make-up.

There is always the three; sometimes there can be more, but at least the 3.

For the group project in statistics, we were able to pair off to work on the project. There are 11 people in the group and before the first class had ended people were already pairing off.

I can do math. I know how this works.

Someone has to be the odd person out. I just assumed it was me.


There are 2 groups and 7 singletons.

This is where I say that I wish I had had a partner to share the load.

To keep me on track.

To keep me from procrastinating, or showing my lack of knowledge to the professor. Because you bet I have already done that. And had to rework all the statistics overnight for the paper and the presentation.

Because all of this is self-inflicted.

I guess there re some good points about group projects.

I could have shared the misery.

And probably had a good night’s sleep last night, instead of the 3 hours I did get.

Pity party of one, in 7 separate locations because we all thought that all the pairs had been taken.

Or didn’t want to impose.

I will know better next time.

After the presentation-


I misunderstood that assignment

Clearly I would have benefited from a partner.

It was embarrassing to get up and present some half-done shit.

All the others were polished and pretty and got the math right.


That happened.

And now I wait to hear what the professor thinks.

The last day to drop the class is next Friday.

Stay tuned.

It might get bumpy from here.

Isn’t hubris fun? Asked no one ever.

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