Cookie Thursday 2/9/23- eggless oatmeal raisin cookies and mandatory education

Eggceptional cookie month continues. This week I made eggless oatmeal raisin cookies. The recipe replaced the egg with 1/3 cup of milk.

But, of course, that isn’t the whole story.

For this recipe, I used my hand mixer. And it is a good thing too. Because this dough is THICK. It’s bad when you can smell the motor in the mixer, and hear it struggling.

There are 2 c flour, 2 c sugar, 3 c of oatmeal to 3/4 c butter and a 1/3 cup of milk. That is a 7 cup to just over 1 c of liquids.


Not enough liquids to solids ratio.

I doubled the milk and it went much smoother.

Yes, that is a pun.

My mixer still struggled, though. After all, it is as old as my marriage. Got the job done.

And today is the in-person portion of the hospital’s annual mandatory education.

There are about 3 hours of preliminary computer-based learning before that.

And when I went to sign up, there were ZERO spots left for today.

The thing is, today is the only day I can attend. The other day is tomorrow and I have classes in another town all day. Can’t miss class.

And Monday is a possibility, but I have research assisting all day.

I have to crash to in-person education.

It is the only thing to do.

Besides go to a different hospital for the same content.

I don’t have time for that. I have real-life education to do. And I’ve worked for the corporation for 17 years, not much has changed.

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