Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

I wrote 2022 review yesterday for School Me Saturday. And I’m not really the type for resolutions.

Instead, I’m going to give my wish list for 2023.

Last year my word for the year was hope. I hoped that the pandemic would end with a whimper. I hoped that 2022 was not as bad as 2021.


There are good things, past me, and bad things.

The pandemic is struggling on, and new variants are being discovered. But for the most part, the vaccines, if you got them, decreased the number of hospitalized and dead. Decreased mind you, not stopped.

This year my word for the year is wish.

There are different types of wishes. There is the one that you get after blowing out the birthday candles or wishing on a star. There is the type that you are hoping against hope against a diagnosis or a horrible situation. I see that one a lot as an operating room nurse.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a wish is to have a desire for something unattainable. And that is very appropriate for the pandemic. And for a world where there are active wars.

It is going to be hard to cap it off and transition to endemic disease. But I hope we can do it as healthcare workers. As society.

I wish, I wish, I wish.

happy new year.

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